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The only portal of its kind and a pioneer in its field, it addresses the concerns of the Lebanese community in Lebanon and around the world. It also responds to the needs of those interested in learning more about Lebanon’s different aspects: politics, business, arts & culture, social, fashion, health, environment, technology, sports, tourism and entertainment.

As a space dedicated to the Lebanese Diaspora, is always up to date and tackles the problems of the hour with a strong commitment to facts and accuracy, reflecting our society’s values, lifestyle, ideas and thoughts with in-depth reporting, a multitude of Information and exclusive reports, special files, experts’ analysis, events/cultural agenda, reference documents and guides. is a key general information portal that covers the various areas of interest and will have something to offer to everyone. 

The mission of is to inform objectively, to entertain through interactive tools, to advise, to promote Lebanon by conveying a positive image, to tackle daring subjects and to distinguish the site as being modern, creative and avant-garde.

With open mindedness, curiosity and imagination, the editorial team presents rich, vibrant and interactive content. The innovative information suggested is web-adapted with a unique tone, thanks to a multidisciplinary team of creative and passionate photographers and editors, who make the most of web-interaction.