Fashion Luma

Fashion Luma is a revolutionary and innovative E-magazine that will immerse you in the world of fashion, beauty, celebrities, decoration and much more.

Born from's independent spirit, this media is the only one of its kind that delivers a unique content and keeps readers intrigued. Fashion Luma's expert editors and copywriters offer you distinctive and informative stories that will help you in everyday life. The E-magazine suits all tastes and covers multiple topics, keeping you hooked!

Fashion Luma was created to be different, what distinguishes it from others is its unique content, written in a simple yet sophisticated way, which will let readers live an exceptional experience with the brand itself. Direct advertising is over; we are leaving standard online advertising behind and switching to an open dialogue with the audience, attracting them emotionally towards the objective. Stories are the emotional means by which brands can connect to their communities. We put all our efforts into content marketing in order to change the rigid image of a certain brand or place into a more interactive one.

Fashion Luma is replacing static websites with a regularly updated E-magazine that will attract new clients and have a positive influence that will make a difference. Whatever the product or place you want to highlight we will offer you the chance to integrate it in related topics in the E-magazine in order to expand its exposure.

Fashion Luma is here to bring you the latest news about fashion, beauty andmany more topics in an eloquent and innovative way. All sorts of articles are available, accompanied with very useful tutorials for those looking for inspiration.