Digital Fidelity

Digital Fidelity is a collaborative effort of the agencies Sketch, Social Aim and Proximity Agency. Through this blog we will provide insight on the work we do to help further the industries surrounding internet media as whole, while working to facilitate discussion and strengthening the community within the digital industry as whole.

Between the three sister companies contributing to this blog, we are able to cover the topics of social media marketing, mobile and location based marketing as well as website building and development.

As our organization continues to develop as a group, constantly working to improve ourselves while providing all the needs for a business to create a thorough digital strategy, we will keep you informed on the results of our various approaches as well as our own personal opinions on the ongoing of this interesting industry.

Through sharing the stories and lessons we’ve learned throughout the work we do, we hope to educate you on the most recent developments within our field while hopefully entertaining you at the same time.